Hi, I'm Dayne

Hi, I'm Dayne

This is my home on the web, and my very first version of it. Welcome!

I am a 💻 programmer and ✍️ writer.

I like to leverage software to create experiences and products that everyone can love to use. I often found that the best way to do so is to explore, learn, and build earnestly and tirelessly.

This website is first and foremost ♥️ a labor of love, where I explore every nook and cranny of our modern tech stack, from the frontend and backend of web development to the little details of compilers, interpreters, and operating systems.

We programmers stand on the shoulders of gentle giants. Computer science is beautiful for many reasons, but one definitive reason is that nearly every part of this field is democratized, shared, and built by great and generous people. I hope to honor this tradition, and I am happy enough if anyone visits this website, reads my work, and leaves knowing just a little bit more.