Writing software is always on my mind, but I do find myself with some free time where I can enjoy and pursue other activities. Here are a few of them.


I just love cooking. I can toil for hours, even for days, to combine ingredients, flavors, and scents into a singularly holy experience. Perhaps it is because my main job involves staring at a screen and being in my head all day, and cooking is this beautiful escape from all that. Anyways, there are few comforts in life better than a hearty meal I made for myself and my loved ones.

Football at Foxborough and Berkeley

My dad grew up a fan of the Patriots, and he must have made a vow the day I was born that he would mold me into one, too. Anyone who knows a thing or two about the Patriots and the NFL knows that I got to be a very lucky, very happy fan.

When I had two years left at Berkeley, I joined the staff at Cal Football as a student equipment manager. I helped run practices, traveled with the team everywhere, and got paid to take the best seats in the house.

So, on football season Sundays , you can almost always find me watching a game.